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Thumbs up سيدو بي سيدو: الولايات المتحدة كمستعمرة للبلاط


قد يُفتي بعضهم أن الإعلام البوريطاني هو كبيرهم الذي علمهم البروباغاندا والتنمّر الأخرق مع تضييع الأشياء وخلط الأوراق. قد يُفتي البعض الآخر أن محترفي البلاط لا اهتمام لهم بالحقيقة أصلا, ناهيك عن إقامة الحق.
على خلفية مقتل جورج فلويد جهارا نهارا في منيابوليس حاضرة ولاية منيسوتا بالولايات المتحدة, وعلى الجانب الآخر للمحيط إستضاف برنامج صباح الخير بوريطانيا وأحد مقدّمَيه, بيرس مورقَن, إستضاف إيرل قراي, محامي توماس لين, أحد ضباط الشرطة المتهمين بالضلوع في مقتل جورج فلويد.

عملت التفريغ الصوتي لمادة الفيديو (من جزئين), عشان الكلام يكون بأسانيدو. الكلام بين زوج الأقواس المربع



Morgan: Earl Gray is the lawyer for Thomas Lane, one of the officers charged with aiding and abetting the murder of George Floyd, and he joins us now from Minneapolis. Good morning to you, Mr. Gray.

Lawyer: Good morning.

Morgan: We spoke to Benjamin Crump, who is the attorney for the Floyd family. They are not happy that Derek Chauvin is only getting a charge of second degree murder, and want it to be first degree murder. What is your reaction to that?

Lawyer: I do not represent Mr. - Officer Chauvin or Mr. Chauvin. I haven't paid much attention to what he should be charged with or what he shouldn't be charged with.

Morgan: Well, you've seen the video, right?

Lawyer: Make a guess, I saw the video.

Morgan: What's your professional assessment, as to whether that what we say for nearly 9 minutes constitutes first or second degree murder?

Lawyer: Are you talking about Chauvin, and not Thomas Lane?

Morgan: I'm talking about Chauvin, first, yeah.

Lawyer: Ah, am, well, my assessment of that, I have not thought about it, because I am not representing him. I am representing Thomas Lane. I haven't looked at the video, to .(ehm, excuse me) to make an assessment about what Chauvin did. If you want to ask that question then you should probably should talk to his lawyer.

Morgan: We are gonna do that, but I have to say I am slightly aghast that you represent one of the four police officers involved in this case and you say you haven't looked at that video [pause] .. properly to assess whether Derek Chauvin may have been responsible.

Lawyer: I did not say I have not looked at the video. I said I did not look at the video with the intent to analyse Mr. Chauvin
Co-presenter: ok

Lawyer: I looked at the video and it was my client's body camera that I looked at to assess his involvement and his culpability.

Co-presenter: What you are trying to say is that, legally you have a responsibility of course in the defence of Thomas Lane - one of the police officers, and not for Derek Chauvin. I think it might be misunderstood by viewers that you don't show an interest in the video, or the actions of Derek Chauvin.
But what I think people will be asking

[Meanwhile the man mouse, Morgan takes a sip from his cup and hides his despicable face]

when .. because you are representing Thomas Lane; the question that will be on many people's minds is that the main perpetrator was Derek Chauvin, because he held his knee on George Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds: am, why didn't Thomas Lane step in to stop him?

Lawyer: Thomas Lane was on his fourth day of being a police officer. Chauvin had 20 years as a police officer. [clears his throat] I apologise for my voice; it's late here, not early. Anyway, Chauvin had twenty years - a police department is run like a military service: you have officers, you have experienced police officers, and then you have rookies, and you have officers who are on the job for days. In any event, my client said twice, shall we roll him over? One time he said he was suffering - I can remember exactly what he said, a delirium. My client was down by George Floyd's feet; he was not up by the neck he was holding his feet, because George Floyd has resisted being handcuffed, and he has resisted going into the back of the SQUAD car.

Co-presenter: [interrupting] ok, tell us exactly..

Morgan [interrupting his colleague] But your client, your client, I am sorry, your client must have heard, as we all heard, he must have heard George Floyd crying out sixteen times in five minutes that he couldn't breathe.

Lawyer: Yes, yes

Morgan: When you hear a human being say, I can't breathe that number of times, why can't you just say, this guy can't breathe; we need to stop him dying?

Lawyer: Well, what would you have done: he said twice, shall we roll him over

Morgan: You know what I would have done? I would have got up and I would have said: I am really sorry, but this guy is dying in front of us, am not going to be party to it [lawyer watching in disapproval, though putting a forced smile on]
This is what a humane reaction would have been.

Lawyer: That's a very good hindsight, but you are not a police officer.

Morgan: It's not hindsight

Lawyer: [forcefully] Wait a minute, don't you interrupt me all the time, or am I gonna get some talking? And you can argue. You are not a police officer. A police officer is trained to follow orders. And he was following his belief that they were doing right.

Co-presenter: Thomas Lane is a police officer, of course [!], and I know that your argument is that he was a rookie and he's only done four shifts and he was up against a man who had twenty years of service. But underneath that man's knee was a man who was dying. And I think a lot of people think common humanity - basic humanity would have required someone to step in, but apart from that

Lawyer: alright, right, alright [laughing]
Co-presenter: There is a policy in the police force [reading from what seems to be a document] saying officers are required to either stop or attempt to stop another sworn employee when force is being inappropriately applied, or is no longer required. So, the argument that he was a junior police officer is already covered by the fact that he already had a duty to intervene, whatever the status of the other officer.

Lawyer: You obviously are very opinionated and biased. What you do not understand is what goes through the head of a police officer on his fourth day in a situation where the individual he had arrested originally was under the influence of drugs, he was resisting being handcuffed, he resisted going back into his, back to, he resisted being in a SQUAD car; when he was on the ground he was resisting, while he was resisting going into the squad car, he also said then, I can’t breathe. He claimed he had claustrophobia; he resisted then, he is lying on the ground, and I agree he said he can’t breathe, and that is why my client said to Chauvin, should we roll him over? He said that twice.

Morgan: Your client, your client pulled a gun.

Lawyer: [interrupting] my client did nothing wrong

Morgan: We’re gonna come to what you client did or didn’t do.

Lawyer: back into the, hey, my client went into the ambulance to try to revive this gent[?]

Morgan: It was too late, unfortunately, wasn’t it?

Lawyer: [he] had no intent to murder this man; and that’s what he’s charged with.

Morgan: Your client was one of, your client, with respect, your client was one of four, four police officers, who held down George Floyd and rendered him unconscious.

Lawyer: how many times you’re gonna say that?

Morgan: rendered him unconscious, and carried on holding him down for another three minutes.

Lawyer: My client, my client down by the feet knew that? Knew that he was totally unconscious and carried on? He didn’t know that; he checked the pulse [?]

Morgan: Your client heard a man shout sixteen times I can’t breathe. He heard passers by ..

Lawyer: [interrupting] Did he shout that? Did he shout that, really? He didn’t say I can’t breathe – he already said I can’t breathe when they were try’n a put him into the squad car.

Morgan: Passers by were shouting at police officers, get off’im, he can’t breathe. They were further away

Lawyer: [interrupting] Let me ask you another question

Morgan: They were further away than your client was

Lawyer: Let me ask you another question: why didn’t any of the other people standing there intervene – if you saying anybody should have intervened.


في إنتظار السلام, على المرء أن يلعن التثاؤب وينحيه جانبا
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Exclamation Morgan's ego destroyed, logic, if any decimated.


الجزء الثاني والأخير من التفريغ الصوتي لمادة الفيديو.

الكلام بين زوج الأقواس المربع



Morgan: Why didn’t your client whose job is to protect people ..

Lawyer: [interrupting] he was protecting.

Morgan: Why didn’t he protect George Floyd?

Lawyer: You know you really do bad here, so opinionated.

Morgan: Yeah, isn’t awful

Lawyer: You’re still wrong

Morgan: Isn’t it awful I have an opinion about a black man being killed at the hands of your client.

Lawyer: Oh, now you put the race issue into an interess– there is no race issue here.

Morgan: Really?

Lawyer: Two of the other officers: one is black, and the other one is Asian. Answer that one!

Morgan: I don’t have to answer anyone [!]

Lawyer: I don’t have to answer anything to you either because obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Morgan: I tell you what I do know what I’m talking about

Lawyer: You know what I’m gonna do – I am gonna go to bed. Good night.

Co-presenter: O.K

Morgan: Do you realise that your whole performance here merely tells the world how disgusting actually – even the people representing these police officers are.

Lawyer: Well, thank you for the compliment. Because ..

Morgan: It wasn’t a compliment.

Lawyer: If you – oh, I really thought it was. If you think I am gonna sit here and listen to your talk of bad about my client, am not listening ta that. If you would have told me that an hour ago when I did agree to stay up, I would’ve not agree to. I don’t need you.

Morgan: Your client pulled a gun – your client pulled a gun on George Floyd 90 seconds after he first me him. Why did he do that?

Lawyer: Well because he did not show his hands. Once he put his hands on the steering wheel, he put the gun in his holster. Why did he do that? Because now his hands were shown, they are on the steering wheel. There! Good night. Happy birthday.

[9.29 minutes when Lawyer left].

Co-presenter: Well, look, everybody is entitled to legal representation.

Morgan: you know what, yeah. He needs another lawyer. That guy shouldn’t be practising law [I beg to differ, loser!]

Co-presenter: But it does ..

Morgan [interrupting] That was one of the most disgraceful interviews I have ever watched [failingly conducted, you mean?] with a lawyer, probably in my entire career.
Co-presenter: Yeah, that was quite an extraordinary interview.
Morgan: Absolutely disgraceful [only that you’re projecting your disgrace onto others, Morgan].

[Time stamp 9.53 end of audio. 10.02 end of video]


في إنتظار السلام, على المرء أن يلعن التثاؤب وينحيه جانبا
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كويس إنو عملنا محضر اللقاء. يتضح من مادة الفيديو أن المدعو بيرس مورقَن (ورفيقته الأخرى في تقديم البرنامج) يتعامل مع المحامي الأمريكي بعجرفة واستعلاء واضحين. وهذا ليس شيئا جديدا. فالبريطانيون ما فتئوا منذ مئات السنين يتعاملون مع الأمريكان كمراهقين أو رجل معاقين فكريا.

هذه النظرة الإستعلائية موجودة طبعا لأن الولايات المتحدة كانت (ولا تزال في رأينا) مستعمرة للبلاط. أما الذهنية الإستعلائية فهي تدور في إطار ترتيب الأدوار داخل بيت الأنقلوساكسون

البريطانيون, نمبر ون
الأمريكان درجة ثانية
الكنديون درجة ثالثة
الأستراليون والنيوزيلنديون ما دون ذلك

طبعا الفوق ديل كلهم كأنقلوساكسون يعتبرون نفسهم الجنس الأول في الكرة الأرضية (ويمكن في كون الله الفسيح ذاتو), بينما الألمان مثلا يعتبرون جنس درجة ثالثة.

أما شعوب العالم الثالث وشعوب الشرق, بما فيها الروس, فهم دون ذلك. واحنا الأفارقة ديل نعتبر في نظرهم أجناس رخيصة

cheap races

الكلام ده طبعا موثق وبأسانيده.


في إنتظار السلام, على المرء أن يلعن التثاؤب وينحيه جانبا
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