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Default Israel: ‘Mona Lisa converts to Islam’!

Israeli historian Israel Shahak was not kidding when he said: “Jewish Holy Talmud is the most hateful religious literature in the world.”

On July 29, 2014, The Irish Times reported that Israeli embassy in Dublin has superimposed several of its paintings including Mona Lisa and Molly Malone with weaponry and tradition Muslim headscarves to justify Israeli bloodshed in Gaza Strip.

Mona Lisa’s photo shows wearing Muslim “hijab” while holding Hamas rocket with Israeli warning: “Israel Now, Paris Next“.

Molly Malone was shown as a Palestinian scarf-wearing “jihadi” with warning “Israel Now, Dublin Next“.

The other two Israeli Hasbara (propaganda in Hebrew) photos depicted Michaelangelo’s David, based on “David and Goliath” Jewish myth – wearing a skirt fashioned out of Palestinian explosives with warning “Israel Now, Italy Next“.

Another photo depicted Copenhagen’s (Denmark) famous statue of the Little Mermaid holding Hamas enormous gun with the words “Israel Now, Denmark Next”.

All four photos contained the caption “Israel is the last frontier of the free world”. I bet my Canadian dollar, the Israeli ambassador in Dublin, Boaz Modai, also believes that his “free world”, like Israel, is also child molester Jimmy Savile.

The “Islamized photos” were posted on Israel’s Dublin embassy’s official twitter on Friday but later removed after Israeli embassy received online backlash from angry viewers.

This is one of thousands examples, how Israeli officials and nearly 100,000 Israeli propagandists have been trained to lie without being ashamed.

No one knows the art of propaganda better than Nazi Goebbels’ Zionist allies. “In all of its conflicts, Tel Aviv invents and then seizes a constantly reinforced “moral” high ground, immediately positioning itself as a victim and defending its actions as defensive. That view is then relentlessly streamed 24/7 to the public by lobby groups, PR firms and government agencies to and through a well-orchestrated network of political allies and supporters worldwide,” says Danny Schechter, Jew film-maker, writer and blogger.

Richard Silverstein, a anti-Zionist Jewish blogger (I’m not allowed to post comments there) says: “Let’s talk about the faux ceasefire. Really a fraudulent ceasefire. Egypt’s ceasefire with no one. My Israeli source, who was consulted as part of the negotiations, tells me that this was not, in reality, an Egyptian proposal. It was, in fact, an Israeli proposal presented in the guise of an Egyptian proposal. Israel wrote the ceasefire protocol. The Egyptians rubber-stamped it and put it out under their letterhead as if it was their own.”

Israeli historian Dr. Ilan Pappe: “The Israeli propaganda machine attempts again and again to narrate its policies as out of context and turns the pretext it found for every new wave of destruction into the main justification for another spree of indiscriminate slaughter in the killing fields of Palestine.”

Israelis have been marketing their new religion, Holocaust, through pornography for decades.

Watch a video below in which American writer, author and founder of “If American Knew” website, Alison Weir, debunks various Israeli propaganda lies. Read her personal blog here.

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