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Originally Posted by Eljalie View Post

Again you are self documenting your ignorance, poor attitude and lack of knowledge, you are actually cutting and pasting messages that you did not have access to in the past, but now digging it, using your privileges as a moderator! A moderator never expose or air on line what is in private, what worse, you dug things in the past you were not able to access, hence, why anyone in this post must trust you? Even the site owners and other moderators must be in serious doubt about your behavior! It looks like the tin of worm is well opened now and few users will come forward documenting all about what you are digging about them.

Muaz, please pay attention, the lady documented her own serious breach of confidentiality and compromised the whole SDB.

I call upon all users to check if their in boxes, past private and public messages were or are compromised by this dangerous moderator, again you never know who she does work for in Sudan? for sure she does work for someone who can pay heavily, be careful, you are all warned! she is after your data, what you do, who you communicate with and who is your family and friends in Sudan, the scary thing she is granted access to all your communication in the private. When the day arrives and that day is very soon, most people who are reading this now, will agree with me 100%
عليك الله
ما تمسخر نفسك اكتر من كده
اوصف ليك تمشي تجيب الكلام دا كيف يا أبوجهل
بلا تحفري بلا كلام فارع معاك
الزول لمن يكون ما بيعرف للحاجه ما يجي ينظر ويطبز
وأقول ليك اخر كلام
انت انسان جاهل
وانا لو قعدتا اتناقش معاك
جاكون زيك
لانو زمان قيل
لا تناقش الاحمق حتي لا يخطئ الناس في التفريق بينكما
وداعا الي ان تترك حماقتك
مع ان الحمق داء اعي من يداويه
علي فكره معاذ ممكن توصل ليه عن طريق الايميل بتاعو عشان ترفع ليه الموضوع بتاع السريه دا
عشان يفهمك براحه براحه
كيف توصل لي مداخلاتك في البورد دا او حتي الأرشيف
ندوش ست الحوش المرشوش

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