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Originally Posted by كاليميرو View Post

There is good reason why hateful racist incitement is outlawed worldwide.
The ultimate end of this sort of rhetoric is genocide.

They are outlawed from using some kind of words, but their racist & xenophobic ideology is not outlawed. The BNP in UK, the National front in France, Dave Duke's Nwaap in the US and Abu hamza in the Uk are just a few to name.

Originally Posted by كاليميرو View Post

Ana Umdur
When the Arabs are gone, the zombies will move on to prey on some other people/tribe/sub-tribe/clan/family etc.

This is my point. You could use them against your future enemy. An extremist is always an extremist. Let them be your devices to fight other extemists

Yesterday their enemy was the muslim, today it is the jallaba, tomorrow is the dinka, and after that it who knows. An extremist always looks for an enemy, it becomes part of his character.

Extremism knows no boundries it comes in all forms of ethnicities,religion & cultures

Al qaeda was formed to fight the americans, when there were no americans to kill they turned against their own muslims as we saw in Iraq & saudi arabia.

Hitler turned on the jews and slaughtered them, when all the jews perished he then turned on the white people themsleves.

Why go far? John Garang hated arabs. He started the SPLA and killed many northerners. When they were no northerners left, his troops started on the other tribes, they massacred Gajak Nuer in 85 , they slaughtered the Munduri in equatoria and so on. It is the culture of having an enemy. John Garang was used as a good tool by the successive regimes for them to get more allies from the south. Thats how Mutip, Riak Machar, the Munduri militias formed.

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As long as we agree on objectives, we should never fall out with each other just because we believe in different methods, tactics, or strategy.
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