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Default Colonialism,Neo-colonialism,Stealing country 1, Stealing country 2

In the stage of Stealing Country 1 the country ( Egypt,Sudan ...) is taken over by a Mafia group which works for itself in the first place by controlling the resources of the country for the benefit of the Mafia group and the people around it.

In the stage of Stealing Country 2, external forces sponsor internal Mafia group to control the country and make use of it in the way they like. Example : Syria( Gulf Countries ), Egypt ( Qatar) ,Libya ( Gulf Countries ) ,Yemen ( Gulf Countries ) and Sudan ( Gulf Countries ) .

What we have seen in Syria, Libya and Yemen is not a simple civil war ( conflict between internal forces over who runs the country ) but an attempt by external forces using local and foreign mercenaries ( specially in Syria) to steal the country from its people. You should not think that is confined to our region. In South America you have Venezuela as a good example. What do the foreign forces want to do in Venezuela after removing Maduro from power ? Steal the country ( oil resources ) physically not indirectly as it is the case in the Arab world . They do not care about Juan Guaido and his " struggle for democracy " . He is just an instrument.

One might ask, why are other countries trying to steal other countries. The answer is simple : the Americans made it possible for regional actors to do whatever they like. Gulf Arabs said thank you and used the opportunity to humiliate a proud nation like Syria ( many of them proved to be stupid ) by abusing its men, women and children

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