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Originally Posted by Hind View Post
thanks muaz you're giving up on us

well first the potential buyer must be first and foremost sudanese and must have IT helpers to manage site glitches

They must have NO political agenda.
and must pass our mosad style cross examination for 40 days and 40 nights

the moderator elections are overdue as well

i recommend Dr_Moe for new site owner, we can all donate something
also how much does it cost anyway?

Who is the owner of the site here and who is the member?

"you MUST do this .. and you MUST do that .. and this MUST be like this..."

Haven't you ever heard of words like "please", "should" or "could"?

Who gave you the right to dictate your conditions on the guy?!!

And .. who said this domain was still going to be a Sudanese forum in the first place?

You sure sound like a very spoiled child admonishing his/her parents and telling them what they should and shouldn't do!

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