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mr kalimero

You seem to miss something very important in this forum which , like many others,you R not aware of. Let me count myself as well until few years ago when I noticed it ,after reading an article from smart SDB member.

قال سول الله محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم (من تعلم لغة قوم أمن شرهم

The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said '' he who learns a peoples language, safeguard's himself from their evil"

this forum works as a good platform to know who your enemy is , and how he thinks & functions. As the Jewish scholar once said, to conquer the enemy know how he thinks. But to learn how he funstions you need to give him the full freedom of expression including insults. If it was not for you will never have heard of the Jackal or theone or Uniteus, nor would you know how they think. Alot of northerners come in this board talking of unity and how sudanese are united, until they get shocked when they see the likes of Theone & others abusing them in the board. They wake up to the reality. Then U get afroamericans like UU & afro-rebel with a mentality totally different from any african and a very weird concept. They view the world around them through a narrow vision as either black or white. I have noticed the black american can be the african's first enemy and not the white or Jew as we thought all along. i have learned I am not first enemy for some southerners, but other southerners in their tribal regions rustling over cattles.

The has thought me many things about different people that I never met in real life. When you allow unlimited freedom in the board this shows you day by day how your future foe or friend thinks and how world evolves around them. Thats how the western ruling elite understand the third world and muslim extremists, by opening the freedom of expression for extremists like abu hamza. While in Egypt, no one knows about them.

Trust me the more we allow freedom, the more you understand your enemy and conquer him. By enemy, I dont mean mighty jackal nor Theone but who could be behind inciting them. And you can use them against the same enemy in the right way

Originally Posted by كاليميرو View Post
It does not bother me one bit.

I just do not like to see the forum I quite admire being turned into a third class gutter where all sorts of bigots, primitive nobodies and web maggots roam and do pretty much as they wish.


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