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Default Looking for citizen reporters in South Sudan


I’m a reporter for Citizenside, the world’s largest citizen news network. I’m writing because I’ve just seen your work with the children.

With the new country’s independence the international media’s eyes have been on South Sudan briefly, but as we know, their attention span can be short.

I want you to know right off the bat that we’re not a part of that. We’re a citizen journalism network. Our news is made of images and video from anyone and everyone who wants to share what they’ve seen with the world. We publish those images on our website and license them to a few thousand client publications. Right now we’ve got 50,000 members around the world and we’re growing fast. No one knows what’s happening in the world better than the people out there on the streets and in the dust.

That’s why I’m writing to you. Would you like to show people what’s truly happening? I think it could be a chance to really show what your people on the ground are seeing and all the good work they’re doing.

Unlike mainstream media outlets, we’re not just after a quick content fix or stuff for the 10 o’clock news tonight. Our news priorities are determined by the Citizenside community, not some editor in New York or London. Our goal is to cover all the world’s news as honestly, authentically and openly as possible. This is a long term project for us. We believe that citizens have the power to make the news and determine the editorial agenda themselves.

It seems like you’re doing good work in a part of the world that really needs it. I hope you’ll find Citizenside a useful way to get the word out about what you’re doing. If you’d like, you can sign up on our website and send us any pictures or video from your work in the field.

I hope that I can look forward to seeing your pictures in the future.

Best regards,

Laura Marchegiani
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