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Dear Muaz

Re Forum Security and Accessibility Concerns

Though there is an older post with a similar name, there is an update to the agenda:

You will be well aware that the forum has been experiencing prolonged and persistent periods where it was next to impossible to reach it.

It has been down for the best part of the last 10 days (starting on 16 March). The variety of 'error messages' conveyed upon attempting to access the forum (as well as the parent website, is impressive: from 'currently undergoing maintenance .. please check later', to 'database error', to staring into oblivion (blank screen of death), this ridiculous spectacle has been witnessed by many.

1. I am assuming that this is/has been happening despite your best effort, and you are not implicated in disrupting your own forum.

2. If that's the case, let's proceed:
2.A It appears that the forum has been subject to DOS/DDOS attacks
2.B I speculate that someone with an administrative user privileges is contributing to this mayhem. You will be well advised to look at the login files of ALL such privileged users. It could be an inside job (not necessarily the privileged user themselves doing it, but colluding with whoever it may concern to take the forum down). If the abuse is happening unbeknownst to the privileged user, then their account might have been compromised. I would advise you specifically to look into the activity on the account of NEWLY ELECTED MODERATORS WITH A DORMANT ACCOUNT ACTIVITY.
3. Your investigation should be thorough.
4. Such privileged user dormant accounts are a security loophole. It is an accident waiting to happen.
5. As a spinoff from this issue: one of the recently elected moderators:
(feel free to ask if you don't know who am I referring to) had declared sometime ago that they wouldn't be doing any moderatorial duties. But at the same time they haven't resigned their moderatorial function. That's not just ethically wrong, but is unprofessional.
6. You have provided no public clarity on what the heck is/has been going on, and whether the forum accessibility problem has been resolved and how exactly.

Mr. You Know Who

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