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Originally Posted by Theone View Post
Very Important Answer

This Forum is not the arab forum and you are not an arab, deal with it or hang yourself. BUy a MIRROR

And 2nd, I agree with you 100% that Arab=islam

Your words are abrupt and inappropriate but lets leave this there…

1- I have a mirror.

2- This forum is for all Sudanese.
3- I am Sudanese:
African first and foremost; genetically, culturally, blood and soul, just like you Theone
Arab in tongue only, of which I take great pride to speak a language I find wonderful to infinity.

Here too are a few
facts, Im sorry you missed

Did you know there exist in life Any-Religion-You-Can-Imagine Arabs, Christian Arabs, Jewish Arabs, Aesthist Arabs…

Definition of Sudanese
: From Sudan, the largest country in Africa. The most multi-ethnic country in the world 600 tribes and 400 different languages and dialects

Very Important Distinction

Arab does not equal Muslim
Indonesia - largest Muslim population in the world = Muslim, not Arab
Any country you can think of that ends with “stan” = Muslim, not Arab
Iran - land of glorious Persia = Muslim not Arab
And many others..
ديمقراطية SDB هي مجرد شعارات سقطت أمام أول امتحان عمليDenying Sudanese life-saving treatment is HOMICIDE!
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