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Originally Posted by Eljalie View Post
Salaam 7abiba, I hope all is going well and again happy 3eid, the most important thing is: what you and your friends are doing is helping some needy people, same as other heroic people from the other organisation. Again it is sad to notice such difficulties can occur during distribution of needed items/aid, but the situation and poverty conditions dictate the behaviour, no one is wrong or right from the side of the aids receiver, they are just sufferers if rude system that does not include them in any wealth and health programmes, meaning they are left to their own devices to fetch for their daily living and simply they can resort to such acts if not more!

Very sad situation, it breaks one heart, but what is the solution?
الحل دا زاتو المشكله بجد، ربنا يفرجها من عنده ويهدينا لحل
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