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Originally Posted by Eljalie View Post
Salaam again ya A7la 7abiba,

Now you agree with me! 7abiaba we have to support each other and help all the time as one people, but we should never forget the government is not doing its part at all! I am not surprised at all of the treatment you received today, it is due to frustration and injustice, ignored people, their human dignity was stripped out of them by the system, their blood is boiling, can they reason?

It happened I am sitting now in a safe place and it is raining now, so it was for the last 8 hours, listening to thunders, while enjoying the cool breeze of air, when I go out in any minute I am sure there will be no water on the streets, because it is sucked in, into drainage the minute it hits the ground, and how is that happening? It is not magic, it's the duty of care, it's the government job to insure the elements do not interfere with people lives!

Sorry for going on and on, but I just felt it is good to mention what is happening some where else just in case.

7abiba, happy 3ied and many returns, keep well and i will send you an eid card in your private
عيد مبارك عليك كمان
وانا اصلا ما اختلفت معاك
لكن المسانده واجب لابد منو
والحكومه تعاملها السلبى دا خلا الامور دى تحصل لينا ولغيرنا
ما تقارن بينا وبين اى مكان
اكيد الاختلاف واسع شديد
تعامل ناس الشرطه كان مستفز وكإن الحصل لينا بسطهم
وهمهم انا عندى فلان عايز ادونا
بدل يساعدونا
عموما الكلام حتى بقى ما بيوصف الغضب الزول حاسى بيه
كترت خلاص علينا
وسفينا التراب من الحكومه دى
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