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Originally Posted by 7abiba sudayna View Post

يوجد رصيد تبرعات فى الرابطه سوف يتم المساعده به لعون الاسر المتضرره من السيول والامطار
ومن يحب المساهمه التواصل معى
ربنا يعين عباده ويفرج كربهم ببركة ايامه المباركه

Salaam and Ramadan kareem 7abiba, you are mint and kind hearted as usual and this can only concrete your human and carrying nature/attitude to all.

But also one has to question what is the Sudanese Government is doing to compact this issue? why drainage was not provided in the first instance? nd most important what are the plans for the future?

The most annoying thing is that when there is no drainage water can stay still and accumulate dirt, parasites and become a good ground for diseases and infections and so on...

Last but not least the above are just questions that will not make an echo to the people in charge as they will not admit to their fault and I predict it will be repeated again and again, very sad and depressing though!

Again, well done and Jazak Allah Kateer
God Bless Khartoum, the land of heroes
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