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Originally Posted by ودالعفاض View Post
I understand what you mean,,, Yes, you can
By using Smart IPTV
You have to be sure that your SMART TV enable IPTV or already installed in it
but still I think you need to activate it ,,by a one-off (one-time) payment, about 5 sterling here in the UK,, I think , it depends on the country,,,( I just I think)
As the result of this activation, you should get a code ,, which would be used ( by someone expert) to allow you accessing to a wide range of satellite tv channels ( including the world cup & so on .),might still you need to pay him some money
These steps might be vey much different from one country to another
So I think it's wise to ask, ' in your country' about these steps and how to use IPTV .... Good luck, Madam ,,,

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The Premier League has confirmed reaching a sizeable settlement with pirate IPTV provider Ace Hosting. While £100,000 was listed in liquidation documents, operators of Ace agreed to pay £600K in total. The Premier League says that Ace voluntarily handed over subscriber details, so does that mean those customers are at risk? It's hard to say with absolute certainty but probably not, multiple sources suggest.
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