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Dear Muaz,

Thanks for getting back.
Re Mods, if your investigation of the log files is thorough, then that's what's called for. It would be prudent to cover the possibility if Mods account are not 'changing hands'. So any login from a geographically suspicious IP should be investigated.

Of course life's pressures bear on everyone.

I would like to report technical problems with using Mozilla Firefox browser: Under Firefox, previewing posts renders a blank screen 99% of the time (i.e. the post is lost). Same applies when the quote/reply button is hit, as the quoted text of the particular post replied to is also not displayed. Same also applies to hitting the 'edit' button.

Issues with previewing videos, too.

Mozilla Firefox is the industry standard free browser with privacy guarding functions and no other agenda. You need to look into remedying these technical problems, which are probably sabotage by other big powers on the internet scene who are hellbent on poking around user's data.

Last, but not least, if you could make the default text size 4, for the benefit of those posting in Arabic, and particularly for those posting from a mobile device, it would be much appreciated.

الثعلب الشتوي

في انتظار السلام, على المرأ أن يلعن التثاؤب وينحيه جانبا.ا

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