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Foxtremely 14-Apr-16 06:24

SDB Down almost Daily: No Reason Given
Dear Muaz

For the past 3-4 days, the site has been experiencing problems with accessibility that rendered it permanently unreachable for the best part of day and/or evening.

Could you:
1. Explain what kind of attack has the site been experiencing?

2. Explain how these attacks are re-occurring after you had stated in another thread, 'Counsel of the Deaf Emperor (2)' that the site should be stable now (i.e. then after the previous time attacks had paralyzed the forum few weeks back)?

3. State if the log files of privileged users have been checked and found safe, including against the possibility of suspicious activity, e.g. account used by different IPs located in different geographies separated by big distances, and accessed during short time intervals.

4. Explain the difference between error codes displayed per particular attack. The last few days when the site had been down there had been NO error message whatsoever, i.e. blank screen of death.

5. Acknowledge that by not providing updates to SDB users sooner, you are leaving the door open for speculations.

6. Explain what happened to the added functionality of the 'ignore' option you have introduced about the time of the last moderatorial elections. The function that you have introduced (stopping offenders from posting in a thread started by the user placing such offenders on the user's ignore list). Are you even aware of that, and will you kindly restore the added ignore function?



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