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janegm_1976 08-Jul-15 21:04

Hi there!

It's been a long time not on this website for so many reasons. But I swear Allah (swt) I missed everyone in here.

Can I ask a little favor?

Can I have all the copies of my "Started Posts"? I really need it for a very important reason. I am applying for an extra job which is writing an article and I need my posts as my showcase.

You can send them in whatever way you can do.

I am praying that you can still provide me those.

Many thanks.

Hind 12-Jul-15 12:08

jane :eek: where have you been all this long, i missed you how's noon :jump:

oh and good luck with you request :roll:

Carl 23-Jul-15 23:53


Originally Posted by janegm_1976 (Post 2927429)
Hi there!
Can I ask a little favor?

Hi Jane,
Hope you are well.
The short answer to your query is no, it is not possible.
You may try the :
OLD Sudan.Net Discussion Board Archive - منتدى سودان.نت السابق

gsmalarm 05-Nov-15 06:59

yes, good
من موقع القروب في الفيسبوك

بسم الله بدأنا
يوم السبت القادم ٨ يونيو
حنكون محتاجين لعدد من المتطوعين/ ات بمركز الراحلة سارة صديق لتعبئة الحقائب الرمضانية
من الصباح لغاية المغرب
من الساعة ٩ ص وحتى ال٧ م

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