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Conversation Between African Rebel and zoolx
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  1. African Rebel
    09-Jun-13 14:26
    African Rebel
    the pic didn't go thru....all i see is a red x.
  2. zoolx
    08-Jun-13 19:34
  3. African Rebel
    05-Apr-13 14:39
    African Rebel
    Okay cool but just being Sudanese makes you black to me...Your name sounds familiar...Did you just to post on the skyscraper forum?
  4. zoolx
    05-Apr-13 14:19
    i will send u my pic ,,,u judge
  5. African Rebel
    15-Mar-13 19:29
    African Rebel
    what type of question is this? you are africans man...you have racial similarities to african americans like any other black people
  6. zoolx
    09-Mar-13 19:26
    do u think northen sudanese are Negroes??? or look like african american ?
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